About Kelowna's Own Search Engine Marketing Company:

What Is Top Search Result?

Top Search Result is an online marketing company that focuses on promoting small and medium businesses from Canada on search engines such as Google. This is often referred to as Search Engine Marketing.  

We provide Google Analytics analysis, Google Display Network, Youtube Advertising, Remarketing, E-commerce marketing, Facebook advertising, SEO strategy and more!

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Search engines represent a large gateway to customers.  Your customers are using search to research, compare and purchase goods and services.  SEMPO and Econsultancy estimate that the North American search engine marketing industry grew by 16% in 2011 to a value of $19.3B (source)

When Was Top Search Result Founded?

Top Search Result was formed in December, 2007.  Newer agencies may come and go but not Top Search Result.  

Where Does Top Search Result Operate?

Top Search Result has its roots in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada.  The company now operates out of Kelowna British Columbia Canada. One beautiful place to the next! We service Canadian businesses with a North American market and have serviced clients in BC, Ontario, PEI and New Brunswick...so far.  We are 100% Canadian and 100% ethical.  See our contact info.

Who Is Top Search Result's Owner? 

Top Search Result is owned and operated by Robert Dawson.  Robert obtained a business degree from University Of Prince Edward Island and subsequently taught himself web design and online marketing. Having a background in business knowledge strengthens Top Search Result's understanding of financial costs and benefits. Robert believes that having a strong online marketing program is an investment that will generate a substantial return.

Robert Dawson is...

Robert Dawson Presentation

Connect with Robert Dawson:

Twitter: @dawsonrb

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rbdawson

Google+: Here

Online Marketing Experience

Top Search Result's portfolio of work can be found in our clients section of our website. Feel free to read our Top Search Result Blog for online marketing tips and hints. The company has been showcased on The Globe and Mail website.


As part of our commitment to community Top Search Result actively supports local and national initiatives:

  • OneProsper International - Volunteer our services to ensure this new national charity has a strong online marketing presence.   
  • Business PEI Group on LinkedIn - Group Owner. Facilitating business networking on the "Gentle Island"
  • Member of the OKColab in Kelowna BC - Collaborative tech entrepreneurship 

Employment Opportunities

Top Search Result is currently not actively looking to hire.  We would consider partnering up with a company or individual who could complement our skills or someone who has a business opportunity that we could invest time in. Please use contact form below.

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