Debunking The Myth That Facebook Ads Don't Work

I recentally put together a presentation for MAD Nights entitled; Facebook Ads & a 75 Year Old Business.  In it, I present a case study debunking a common myth held by many that Facebook Ads just don't work.  This is done by using one of our clients, Vesey's Seeds, as a case study.  

MAD Nights is an event held  for marketers, designers, other marketing and communication professionals and businesses wanting to learn more about marketing and design, to get together and share war stories, experiences, and insights on past marketing campaigns and projects. The event takes place in Kelowna BC.  

Below is the presentation slide deck. In it are various tips and insights into Facebook marketing.  Hopefully it will make you seriously consider or reconsider giving Facebook Ads a shot.  


Introducing: Seven Google Adwords Secrets: How Your Company Can Click with Google and Cash In

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Google Secret #1—Think before you bid for the top spot in paid search ads.

Google Secret #2—Send your traffic anywhere but home.

Google Secret #3—Target, target, target (and shorten) your keywords for mobile traffic.

Google Secret #4—Create a Campaign for Each Device.
Google Secret #5—FYI: Your AdWords ROI might be bad.
Google Secret #6—Google is out to make money.
Google Secret #7—Google has a good side. 

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Startup Weekend Okanagan - Team Chef Shuffle Recap

I had the opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend Okanagan again this year which was the main and final event to Startup Week Okanagan.

Our team worked on an idea called Chef Shuffle all weekend.  

We won "biggest social impact" and managed to get the following done in 2 days, which would normally take months to do !

Below is just a short summary of what our great team and I were able to accomplish.  Which was quite a bit more than what my team accomplished last year and just as much fun.  

  • 200 beta signups
  • 500 page visitors
  • Visitors from 13 different countries
  • Full brand developed and marketed
  • 52 Facebook likes
  • 49 Twitter followers
  • Youtube video created with over 65 views
  • Indexed in Google
  • Landing page online
  • Logo created
  • Working development to showcase on judgement night
  • FB login
  • Profile setup
  • Bunch of geeky stuff that was over my head :) 


Team Chef Shuffle

The traction continues to grow for the project.  Check out our networks below to see how the project evolves.  




I highly encourage you to check out a Startup  Weekend event in your local area.  It's a lot of fun, you learn a lot and meet lots of great connections.  

How To Tag Facebook Ads Using Google URL Builder [Video Guide]

How to track your online advertising campaigns such as Facebook in Google Analytics.  

Google does a good job of tracking ads coming from Google Adwords by auto tagging them for Google Analytics.  The competition on the other hand...not so much.  That's why it is important to tag your ads using Google URL Builder.  If you don't, you won't be able to seperate the traffic that is coming in to your website organically (free) compared to what you're paying for. The video explains it all.  Enjoy.  

How To Tag Facebook Ads Using Google URL Builder

What Is Google Adwords Remarketing ? - Remarketing Series Part 1

Remarketing with Adwords lets you show ads to users who've previously visited your website.  You can reach these users by using the Google Display Network using image and/or text ads.  Have you ever felt a website was following you accross the internet? Well you have probably been exposed to some overagrresive remarketing.  Don't worry, this series will address that as well.  

Things get interesting when you start to segment theses users by actions actions they did or did not take on your website.  For instance you can target users who put items in their shopping cart but did not follow through with the transaction.  From my own experience I'm seeing an increase of 4% in conversion rates compared to regular Display ads.  This makes sense as the user will be more familar with your product/service/brand if they have already visited your website before. 

Google Adwords Remarketing

Why You'd Use Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience. Presenting them with highly relevant ads and offers across the Web -- and making sure your brand is top of mind when they’re ready to buy –- can radically improve ROI.  Achieve even higher conversions by combining other targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns.  For example, if you wanted to expand the reach of your fashion brand, you could target only women between the ages of 18-24 who have not yet visited your site, and present them with an offer that is tailored to them (Source: Google)

Google's Remarketing Video Overview


Developments in Google Adwords Remarketing has been followed by Top Search Result from some time.  We found it quite diificult to get our clients to devote the time into implementing the proper remarketing tags.  Google knows when they may be losing out on money so they decided to simplify things up.  They did this by allowing the implementation of creating remarketing lists through Google Analytics, the process has become quite easy to do!  Since the transition, there are few up to date guides on how to get going. We'll pull from different sources around the net and also shoot some of our own tutorials when needed.  

You may want to have some experience with the Google Display Network and of course Google Adwords before jumping into the remarketing.  I would consider this an advanced tactic but by no means difficult to learn :) 

How To Start Remarketing

Now the annoying point, or at least to me the annoying part.  You need to update some code.  Depending on how your site is setup you may need to get a developer to do this for you.  

Google Tag Manager may be the best bet instead of updating tag codes everytime Google launches a new initiative.  This way you will only have to update your code one more time and not be held hostage by a web developer.  Implementing marketing tags is not high on many developers to do list.  

Once you got your code all up to date checkout our next post: Using Google Analytics to Create Adwords Remarketing lists - Remarketing Series Part 2. (Coming soon)

Google Adwords Remarketing Series Continued

Remarketing Series Part 2:  Using Google Analytics to Create Adwords Remarketing list

Remarketing Series Part 3: Setup Adwords Remarketing Campaigns - Remarketing Series Part 3

Remarketing Series Part 4: Creating Remarketing Lists From Youtube - Remarketing Series Part 4


Link To Website In Youtube Video

Continuing on our emphasis on Youtube promotion lately, the latest guide from Top Search Result is focused on driving traffic to your website from Youtube.  You got a video, getting some good views but how do you tell if people are going to your website? You told them your website address, so it must be them? Well maybe so, maybe not...Who really knows where your "Direct" traffic is coming from?

Well this video guide will show you how to better track your Youtube traffic.  Users will click a live HTML link on Youtube, thus tracking it as a traffic source.  Note: You will need Google Analytics or similar website tracking installed.  

Link To Website In Youtube Video - CTA Overlay [Video Guide]


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By Robert Dawson

Google Adwords Certified Qualified Individual Search


After reviewing the website analytics for Top Search Result, it seems that a lot of people are wondering where they can search for Google Adwords Qualified Individuals.  Sorry to tell you but you can only search for Google Adwords Certified Partners.  What gives?

Anyone can apply for Google Adwords Individual Certification as long as they have passed the required exams.  Unfortunately for those individuals, they will not show up in the Google Adwords partner search.  To be part of that partner search database, your company must meet the required items for partner accrediation.  

Qualified Individuals will get an online profile from Google but will not be found in the partner search provided by Google.  Here is my Adwords Qualified Individual profile for reference.

What's the difference between a Qualified Individual and Certified Partner?

Basically it comes down to "hands on experience" aka money managed.  

"Individual Qualification is a way of demonstrating proficiency in AdWords, attained by studying for and passing our certification exams. Anyone who passes both the Fundamentals exam and one of our three advanced exams, and complies with our program terms and conditions, can achieve Individual Qualification. The addition, the advanced exams gives individuals a way to study for exams related to their role or specialization as a way of differentiating their skills.

For a company to qualify as a Certified Partner, it must have at least one employee who has met the Individual Qualification guidelines in addition to having managed at least $10,000 spend over 90 days. Company certification is an opportunity to reach a globally recognized level of expertise from Google. Another difference between the two types of qualification is that individuals receive certificates rather than badges when they become individually qualified. Certified Partners receive a certification badge that's hosted by Google."

Source: Google AdWords Certification Program Help