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Company Profile
Top Search Result™ is a 100% Canadian digital marketing company based out of Kelowna BC, with clients "coast to coast" and scattered throughout the US (with great currency exchange:) 

Our strategy concentrates on delivering online marketing results through search engines without overcomplicating things for our clients.  “We talk in dollars and cents... not gigs and bits”.

Currently Top Search Result oversees 1,000,000+ unique visitors yearly in our client portfolio!

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics. This is what we specialize in. 

Online Marketing
"Build it and they will come". Guessing if you are looking at this website, that didn't happen. You have a website but do you have a website strategy? Drive targeted traffic to your website and reach more customers with:

PPC Management - Google AdWords and Facebook Ads setup and optimization
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Our Clients
Our typical clients share these traits:

  • Have an existing website using CMS technology (Wordpress etc.)
  • Serve the North American market
  • Utilize Google Analytics for website traffic analysis
  • Want online marketing expertise without training costs associated with in-house management

It all started when...

Back in 2007, Robert Dawson began Top Search Result as part of his Business undergrad at the University of Prince Edward Island. Robert was the "young guy" hired on at a real estate agency via a co-op opprotunity and subsequently was introduced to Google AdWords.  

When Was Top Search Result Founded?
Top Search Result was formed in December, 2007.  Newer agencies may come and go but not Top Search Result.  

Where Does Top Search Result Operate?
Top Search Result has its roots in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada.  The company now operates out of Kelowna British Columbia Canada. One beautiful place to the next! We service Canadian businesses with a North American market and have serviced clients all across Canada and the United States  We are 100% Canadian and 100% ethical.  

Who Is Top Search Result's Owner? 
Top Search Result is owned and operated by Robert Dawson, MBA.  Robert obtained his MBA from University Of Prince Edward Island while teaching himself web design and online marketing. Having a background in business knowledge strengthens Top Search Result's understanding of financial costs and benefits. Robert believes that having a strong online marketing program is an investment that will generate a substantial return.



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Top Search Result™
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